Poncho - 6 PACK

  • Adult Size
  • Portable
  • Stay Dry
  • One-Time use
  • $17.94
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    Ever been on vacation, hiking or just a day out in the park and get caught by an unexpected rain storm? Dealing with a wet situation isn't fun and never enjoyable. Be protection from the elements with this 6 pack of Ponchos! You'll be grateful for dry clothes during an event like a concert or sporting game.

    When planning for an emergency do you know if mother nature has your back and plans on a sunny day? That's why you need to prepare for the unexpected with our adult poncho. Are you worried that the Poncho is going to be tight on you? This poncho will expand to an amazing size of 61" x 65". Though these Ponchos are tough PVC material, we recommend that the poncho is a one-time use only and to be disposable of after use.
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