Red Feather Canned Butter 12 oz

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Our Red Feather Canned Butter is 12 ounces of creamy, smooth bliss. It is imported from New Zealand where the cream is extracted from the happy cows that lazily graze the hillsides of the open range. These cows produce amazing and delicious cream and butter.

What about the taste of butter from a can? The only thing you'll notice is that your food storage will be stocked with the best tasting butter even when the power goes out. Stock up on these cans and in case of an emergency, or anytime you're in the mood for delicious butter, you'll have plenty to spread on any of our food storage specific breads. Consider canned butter a staple food and a must have for your food storage supply.

This flavorful canned butter is ready to use anytime. No refrigeration is necessary until after you open the can then you'll want to refrigerate any unused portion in a separate container. And while the manufacturer states that it's good for 2 years, we've heard reports of people using it well up to 10 years. We'll leave that part up to you to decide.
More Information
Net Weight 12 oz (340g)
Total Servings N/A
Shelf Life 1-5 Years
Allergen and Specialty N/A
Packaging Can
Storage Requirements Click to Read Storage Requirements

Shelf Life Statement

To achieve maximum shelf life, store in an environment with a temperature of 60F or lower and humidity of 10 percent or less. Shelf life statements are based on manufacturer claims
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