Saratoga Farms Beef Stroganoff

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25+ Year Shelf-Life | Just Add Water | Great Tasting Meal

Make your food storage exciting
Great main course for a complete, delicious meal. Include mashed potatoes to add variety and more nutrients! Keep normal eating habits
Experts agree that eating the same types of food during a disaster can help with stress levels and overall comfort. Make your food storage more efficient
Comes with almost 33% more servings per can than other brands. Make your money stretch further
Cost per ounce is 18% better than other's entrée meals.Saratoga Farms Creamy Stroganoff makes a wonderful addition to your food storage. This creamy beef and pasta entrée are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Consistently ranks as one of The Ready Store employees favorite meals. This meal is full of hearty beef chunks, a creamy sauce, mushrooms, and multiple layers of flavor.

Our company understands the need to be prepared for any situation. Saratoga Farms combines the shelf-stable convenience of dehydrated or canned goods with the flavorful experience of quickly prepared freeze-dried foods to give your family the peace of mind they deserve. This Saratoga Farms Country Kitchen #10 can comes with a 25+ year shelf life.
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