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Shelf-life of 30 years | Great for recipes or snacks | Easy to prepare

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You can use these Diced Apples in your favorite recipes to add a bit of flavor any time of the year! The perfect light-weight snack
These apples are perfect for backpacking or 72-hour kits. Since they're light-weight, they won't burden you down. Just add water to prepare
By simply adding water, these apples are returned to their original nutritional value and taste! A balanced diet in an emergency
Apples are a fun way to add vitamins and minerals to your food storage - and something your kids will actually like to eat!Saratoga Farms Freeze-dried Diced Apples are a fresh, nutritious taste to your food storage supply. You'll be adding essential nutrients with a #10 can that has a shelf-life of 30 years! Preparing these Diced Apples is really simple. You just add water to the apples, let them reconstitute and you're ready! Use the Diced Apples in pies, cakes, salads, or any of your family's favorite recipes!

The apples are super light-weight too - making them great for backpacking or 72-hour kits! They add essential nutrients like vitamin C, dietary fiber and more! These Diced Apples are freeze-dried, they have a great shelf-life of 30 years! You will have peace of mind as you know that your food will be available for decades to come! What better way to plan for the future?
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