Saratoga Farms Freeze Dried Asparagus

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Add nutrients to food storage | Easy preparation | 30 year shelf-life

Extremely long shelf-life
With a 30 year shelf-life, this Asparagus will be ready for you when you need it! Prepared by adding water
All you have to do is add the required amount of water and within minutes, you'll have fresh-tasting Asparagus. Include essential nutrients in your food storage
Add fiber, vitamins and minerals into any meal. You're family will love the variety and you'll love helping them get healthy! Peace of mind
Food storage provides you with peace of mind as you face any disaster that might face you!Freeze Dried Asparagus is a great addition to your food storage pantry! It's easy to prepare, has a shelf-life of 30 years, provides essential nutrients and is easy to add to your recipes! These diced Asparagus are freeze-dried to trap in their fresh taste and nutritional value. They have an extremely long shelf-life of 30 years and will be ready when you need them!

Preparation is quick and easy too! All you have to do is add water and within moments, the asparagus is returned to its original glory - full of nutrition, taste and texture! Once prepared, you can add asparagus to soups, pilafs, noodle dishes, or simply as a side dish! You'll add essential nutrients like fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, Iron and more!

With easy preparation, a 30-year shelf-life, essential nutrients and more; Saratoga Farms Freeze Dried Asparagus will be the next great addition to your food storage!
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