Saratoga Farms Freeze Dried Cinnamon Apples

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Use in family recipes | Preparation in seconds | Great taste

Extreme shelf-life
These Cinnamon Apple Slices can stay on your shelf for 30 years or more. You'll have fruit for decades to come! Use in recipes or pop them straight out of the can
You can use the apples in recipes, on desserts, in breakfasts or any number recipes. You can also eat them out of the can as a delicious snack! A healthy food storage fruit
Apples can be a great source of carbohydrates, fiber and vitamin C. What better way to keep your family healthy? Easy to prepare
By adding water, the apples are returned to their original state. They don't lack in taste, nutrition or smell!These scrumptious Freeze-dried Cinnamon Apples from Saratoga Farms make eating food storage items healthy and fun! They also have a 30-year shelf life with easy preparation!

These freeze-dried Cinnamon Apples can be used as a light-weight snack for any food storage or camping kit. Since they don't weight very much they can be used in grab-and-go kits, camping packs or just for a fun vacation snack! They are also great to take to school or work for a snack or as part of a healthy lunch. These Freeze-dried Cinnamon Apple Slices are so delicious, you'll want to have a few cans on hand just for snacking!

Preparation is very easy too! By adding water, these apples are restored to their original glory and can be used in any of your family recipes!

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