Saratoga Farms Ice Cream Sandwiches

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Treats any time of the year | Comfort in an emergency | Long shelf-life

A delicious treat
You probably don't think about Ice Cream Sandwiches when preparing your food storage, but this is a great way to add treats and fun to your pantry! Add some velvety taste
Add to your trail mixes for a pleasant surprise or just pop them on the go! Extremely long shelf-life
Since these sandwiches are freeze-dried, they'll last 30 years on the shelf! Comfort foods in an emergency
It's recommended that you have some comfort foods in case of an emergency. This will keep things normal and upbeat!Saratoga Farms Ice Cream Sandwiches are a delicious, creamy vanilla and chocolate addition to your food storage! With a 30 year shelf-life and easy preparation, it's a great choice!

These have a long shelf-life because they are freeze-dried to perfection. They will last for at least 30 years on your shelf! They are also sealed with quality to ensure that no elements or critters enjoy the treat before you can!

No need to rehydrate, these delicious sandwiches are sure to be a hit anywhere! These sandwiches are great for snacks or campouts. Put them in a bag and take them on a hike. Or you can even pull them out at the end of a long day and pop them as a lightweight snack! Your friends and family will love trying this unique treat!

Including treats in your food storage is a great way to provide familiar snacks to your family and children during an emergency. They will be able to snack on these comfort foods facing any situation that comes their way!
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