Saratoga Farms Powdered Milk Pantry Can

Saratoga Farms™ 100% Real Powdered Milk in a pantry can makes a wonderful addition to your grocery supplies.
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Improved Taste | Perfect for Recipes | Pop Top Lid

100% real and refreshing
Add water and you can use this as a refreshing cold drink or for any of your family's popular recipes! Essential nutrients in your food storage
Fortified Milk means it is a great source of calcium, protein, and more! In fact, just one serving provides 30 percent of your daily calcium needs. Simple to prepare
Our milk is true “instant” milk. It mixes with just a spoon even using cold water! Most "instant" milks on the market require adding hot water first. Stores conveniently in your pantry
Our customers requested a smaller can that they can use more often. You asked for it and we listened! The pantry cans are about a fourth of the size of our #10 cans. Store the bigger #10 cans away in your food storage and our smaller pantry cans in your pantry. It'll be ready when you need it.Looking for fortified instant milk that is easy to prepare and tastes great? Then you've come to the right place. Saratoga Farms 100% Real Fortified Instant Non-Fat Milk is your answer! People can't believe that a powdered milk can taste this good. Full of nutrients and with a great taste, this milk prepares within moments and has a shelf-life of 20 years!

Our Instant Milk is very simple to prepare. Grab a spoon, add cold water and stir! You and your family will love the great taste. Take our convenient pantry milk cans on your next camping, hunting or fishing trip. Forget about just drinking plain water or worrying about your grocery store milk going bad. Our pantry can milk needs no refrigeration until you are ready to use it. You are sure to love it and it's perfect to use in all your recipes that require milk.

Milk is a great source of calcium, protein, and other essential nutrients! It's a great way to add nutrition to your meals in a way that your family will love. They won't need to get used to food storage because they'll already be familiar with the great taste!

Our Saratoga Farms 100% Real Fortified Instant Non-Fat Milk also has a great shelf-life of 20 years! It comes in a sturdy, double-enameled pantry can that is sealed for quality, just like its big brother, the #10 can. We take measures to ensure that your food will be safe and won't spoil before you need to eat it!
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