Easy Siphon with 7 Foot Hose

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Large water containers are a necessity for preparedness plans but most containers are a pain to get water out of them. A 55-gallon water barrel weighs over 450 pounds. You can't simply tip it over to remove water, you need a siphon to get water into a more manageable container. Thanks to the Easy Siphon you will have a quick and hassle free manner to get the job done.

Simply place the siphon end in the container with water and the other end of the tube in the empty container. Make sure the container that is receiving the water is lower than the container with the water. Next put the siphon in your hand shake it back and forth for a few seconds. Water will start to enter into the tube and transfer to the container below. At 3.5 gallons per minute, you will have transferred the water quickly and with little to no work at all.

This Easy Siphon is NSF 61 compliant for use in potable water and food and beverage applications. Can be used with other liquids as well.

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