Tsogo Banana Powder

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No Waste

Buying fresh produce for your shakes and smoothies can be expensive when factoring in spoilage and waste. When you consider that you have to prepare, cut, and blend these fruits, it can be pretty time consuming. We just made it simpler. Introducing Banana Powder. Our freeze-dried fruits have been refined into an easily mixed powder, so you can add the taste and nutrients without the mess or time.

Over 48 Smoothies

Though you might think this containers size is lacking compared to Tsogo Pouches, with the fruit in a powder form it's concentrated so a little teaspoon scoop will go a long way. Don't think you have to use the full 48 servings in a short period of time. With the easy to close lid you'll be able to get multiple uses! So use the banana powder whenever you want - again and again!

Multiple uses

Besides flavoring your Tsogo smoothies you can also use the Tsogo Banana Powder for household recipes. If you're making banana bread and it calls for bananas you can add banana powder in its place if you don't have enough bananas. If you enjoy having pancakes just add a few scoops of banana powder to the batter and you'll fall in love with breakfast all over again. Best thing with Tsogo Banana's is no need to worry about peeling and dicing anything - we already did it for you.

Add Flavor and Nutrition

Tsogo Smoothies are great by themselves but sometimes you just have a craving for a different flavor. With one scoop of Tsogo banana powder it will pack a tropical flavorful to your smoothies. The nutrition you get with Tsogo banana powder is outstanding since banana are packed full of vitamin B6 and a good source of manganese, vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber, potassium and biotin.

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