Tsogo Blueberries

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One Ingredient: Blueberries

Tsogo Smoothies are great by themselves but sometimes you have a craving for some extra flavor or a change of pace. These freeze dried Blueberries are a great way to add flavor and even boost nutrition. Besides having that familiar, berry flavor, these Blueberries are packed full of Manganese, Vitamin K, Fiber and they contain the unique, phenol-like antioxidants pterostilbene and resveratrol. Blueberries have so many health benefits that they're considered a top 10 super food. In fact, studies have shown Blueberries to reduce the oxidative DNA damage that occurs in our cells. Blueberries also reduce the risk of heart attacks and may help lower blood pressure.

No Waste

Freeze dried foods + Tsogo smoothies = the cutting-edge of food science. Our freeze dried produce is freshly-picked from the vine and placed on trays. These trays are placed in a large vacuum where the temperature is lowered to below zero then quickly raised to above boiling. Water in the blueberries is quickly removed without damaging the fruit itself. You're left with blueberries that contain virtually no water or moisture. That means that the Blueberries aren't going to mold or go rotten before you can use them. The Blueberries will stay in peak condition for years.

Only the Best Packaging

To help freeze dried Blueberries stay fresh, you have to package them correctly. That's where the high-quality packaging comes in. We've spent years in the food industry and know which package options and procedures are going to be the best to ensure your fruits stay fresh and nutritious. Plus, the pouch can re-seal for later use. So, use it whenever you want until they are all gone. No waste here!

How to Prepare

Since the water and moisture has been removed from your BLueberries, simply add water to bring them back! If you want to use your Blueberries in a smoothie, toss them in the blender with your Tsogo powder and some ice and water. The water will reconstitute the berries to their original glory full of nutrition. Just blend them up and it's like adding real Blueberries to your smoothie. No need to worry about peeling, slicing, or dicing - we've already done it for you.

More Information
Net Weight 10 oz (283 g)
Total Servings N/A
Shelf Life 20-30 Years
Allergen and Specialty N/A
Packaging #10 Can
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Shelf Life Statement

To achieve maximum shelf life, store in an environment with a temperature of 60F or lower and humidity of 10 percent or less. Shelf life statements are based on manufacturer claims
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