UST StarFlash Signal Mirror

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Ultimate Survival Technologies StarFlash Signal Mirror is ideal for anyone to pack with them before they go hiking, camping, mountain biking, hunting, or pretty much any outdoor activity. If you get lost and need help, you'll want to have one of these StarFlash Mirrors at the ready.

Constructed with Lexan, the StarFlash Signal Mirror floats and water and is virtually indestructible. The signal flash can be seen up to 100 feet away. If you are planning on any outdoor adventure, then most experts agree that a signal mirror can be one of the most important items in your pack. We all know that cell phone batteries die or you can easily find yourself out of cell phone range. As long as we still have a sun, you can signal for help with this special mirror.

Lost at night? Use your Signal Mirror with a flashlight, headlights, or even the moonlight in order to cast an effective signal that can get you rescued. Pack a mirror in each of your 72 hour kits to be sure you'll be able to find each other in case you get split up.

The Ultimate Survival Technologies StarFlash Signal Mirror is more than just a piece of glass. Its patented targeting device is what allows you to pinpoint your target for incredible accuracy. They are easy to use but be sure you practice a few times before you really need to use it.
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