1 PACK - Daily Bread Breakfast Skillet

1 PACK - Daily Bread Breakfast Skillet

Daily Bread Lasagna With Meat Sauce

1 PACK - Daily Bread Lasagna With Meat Sauce

14-Gallon WaterBrick Storage Kit - 4 Qty

  • Durable HDPE Plastic
  • Portable
  • Food Grade
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Our WaterBrick bundle is a great way to start building a water storage supply or augment your existing one with a very convenient way to move water around. Having an easy to move water storage system allows easier distribution of the water or food items in a time of need. Due to the thick and extremely strong plastic you can feel confident that your container will not pierce if debris smashes into your stacked water supply during a disaster.

Storing emergency water just got a little bit easier! Made of rugged, high density polyethylene (HDPE) these unique containers add value by cross stacking for maximum efficient storage. Wide diameter lid opening with notched easy grip lid allows for an average adult to pull stored contents out of the container by hand. Stores water, food or anything you want to keep dry or store efficiently while eliminating most food odors. FDA approved and BPA free. Great for camping, boating, and ATV riding too!

Natural disasters and contaminated public water supplies can happen quickly--often without any warning. When this happens, grocery store bottled water sells out almost immediately. Many organizations recommend 1 gallon a day for consumption and hygiene purposes so a kit like this will meet that demand for 14 days but if you are looking at using it only for drinking water it will last for 28 days as a 1/2 gallon is suitable for drinking.

Don't leave your family's health to chance—3.5-gallon stackable water containers are easy to use so there is no excuse not to have clean water at the ready in your family's emergency preparedness. Don't forget to add water preserver to extend the life of your water up to 5 years so you don't have to rotate the water often!

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Volume 3.5 gal. [per brick] | 14-Gallons Total
Storage Requirements N/A
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